Six years ago I cried.

September 1, 2007
Six years agoÉ I cried. I watched a plane fly by I saw fire light up the skies I wondered what it was like For so many people to see their lives Flash before their very eyes A flood of tears were shed for the many that died And wouldnÕt go home to their families that night Six years agoÉ I prayed. The God would allow so many of those lives to be saved That everything we fought and stood for would not be in vain That the firemen in those buildings would all come out okay With people on their arms for us to praise And even though I was only counting down until my tenth birthday I was able to realize with much dismay That this country of ours had been forever changed Six years agoÉ Smoke filled the sky like millions of snow flurries As I watched on T.V. A moment that shall forever be in my memory A time that might one day become legendary I witnessed a moment in history Six years agoÉ Tears were shed Lives were lost Lives were saved War was declared Peace was sought History was made A country changed Six years ago.

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