War Games

September 1, 2007
By Davy McKie, Commerce, GA

Behind the lines of the enemy fire I have a country praying for me I have a child born without me A family that misses their hero What purpose do I serve? I serve the principles of this country Freedoms we take for granted Why do I serve? ItÕs my duty to protect ItÕs my heritage We are fighters ofÉ. Fighters ofÉ. (explosion) We were fighters of noble causes We were the sons of your nation We fought for you We gave our lives for you What do you doÉ.? Politics, you protect yourself, Your reputation--your career. The dreams of this fallen few are lost Many more will perish while you gamble You gamble with assets that have value, No, the assets you gamble with arenÕt of any value -----to YOU! They are priceless. They are memories. Knight takes pawn King remains stationary Checkmate! War is overÉ King and Queen stand alone Amongst the fallen troops King turns and speaks with wife We did it, we won! Clear this rubble and letÕs begin anew, ItÕs not our lives weÕre fighting withÉ.Ó We look down from paradise Speechless and appalled Our leader—worthless Where were you when the shrapnel pierced my heart?
Where were you when our limbs were torn apart?
Where were you? Were you developing a plan to extract the troops?
Were you planning our safe return?Ó NO! Sitting safe in a luxurious office-- Politics/Politicians--you were playing your game with the lives of men.

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