Teardrops Because of Love

September 1, 2007
By Ashley Foltz, Brook Park, OH

Teardrops running down my face, My heart is beating like I'm in a race. I love this kid who made me cry, I will always love him untill I die. My smile is now turned upside down, I look like an old beaten up clown. Teardrops, teardrops are every where, I am now falling out of my chair. Crying is not at all fun, I wish I could just get up and run. He broke my loveing heart, He'll soon know that wasnt at all smart. The sex was so good boo, This is something a boy should never do. Like him liying to me and cheating, He thought I was defeated. But after all he did to me, I am now strong enough to be free. Even though he put me on the spot, I would still give him another shot.

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