The Odds of Being Alone

June 27, 2010
By , Walden, NY
Their relationship started out as more love than hate
so there was nothing I could do
She thought they could make it to home plate
So I was there tried and true
Her eyes were so full of pain
Even though she wore a painted smile
It was an illusion I was forced to entertain
And I even believed it for a while
Then came the clichéd excuses
That broke my heart with each word
She didn’t deserve the abuses
But told me I was just being absurd
Every time he laid his hands on her
A little piece of me died
Every time he had his liquor
She went to bed and she cried
They were perfect on paper
The golden couple, if you will
But the perfection began to taper
Leaving holes for violence to fill
He broke her beyond repair
Leaving a shattered empty shell
She couldn’t handle the wear and tear
And this I know too well
Eventually her bruises will heal
And maybe one day she’ll be okay
But for now she has to know what’s real
Because pain just can’t be washed away
She blames herself everyday
Something I can’t condone
She thought they could make it all the way
But now has had to learn the odds of being alone

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