I dont know what to do with my life

September 1, 2007
By Travis Lansaw, Fort Wayne, IN

I dont know what to do with my life.. now that shes gone.... i dont know what will happen to me... life is soo confusing... and im the one to blame for all this... I told her i loved her but she didnt believe me.... I would of done anythign for her.... i would of went to the end of the earth just to show her that i really do care about her... i would of died for her because nothing means more to me... I would of done anything to hold her in my arms and tell her how sorry i am and how much she means to me...she told me we would be friends forever and it was a promise... i guess people dont always prove there promises... I told her i trusted her and i knew she wouldnt hurt me and our friendship would never fade away... I Told her that no matter what i would always loved her... now im sitting here in the library at my school just staring around and looking through books to find words to express how i really feel about her... Theres nothing that says"she was my sunshine in the sky... my moon in the night to watch over me while im sleeping.. sumone that no matter what she would be right by me to help me when i need help.. someone to cry with me when i didnt feel right and everything seemed wrong unless i was with her...she was everything i ever wanted....anything any guy would ever want.... but i guess im just the guy that no one wants in there life.. im a guy that doesnt know anything about life.. and only cares about himself... I dont know what to say to her because she wont talk to me..... I cant see living my life without her... "That other girl" will always be in my heart even though she cant stand to hear my name anymore.. No matter what i will never forget her... maybee we will meet up later in life so i can show her how much i really do love her and would love to have her back in my life.... and to talk about how horrible my lifes been without her.. i miss her and i wish i could start over and make everything right....but i guess not everyones dreams come true.. but this would be a dream if i had 1 wish and i could wish for anything in the world that would be for her to be my friend..

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