The Dream That Changed It All

June 27, 2010
Once upon a time, she had a dream
And lost herself to the magic of the sandman
An unpleasant one, as it would seem
Because she screamed of pain when it began
She dreamt about homeless polar bears
And animals killed for the sake of fashion
In world where bigots put on airs
And there were such things as crimes of passion
A place where there was more smoke than air
And people died in the streets everyday
Mankind was without a prayer
And most only loved half way
Children made pregnancy pacts
While adults started wars over greed
The lies became the facts
And unheard voices were left to bleed
Fathers mercilessly killed their sons
While a man in a white house tried to stop it with a pen
The youth was out buying guns
The same old story over and over again
Secondhand smoke took innocent lives
And drunk drivers followed suit
Every neighborhood had its desperate housewives
And anorexia was thought of as cute
Men with trust funds stole money from men with three jobs
And Robin Hood was nowhere to be found
The most dangerous streets belonged to the mobs
And some dads didn’t stick around
When she saw this, she cried
But it came down as acid rain
At first she only denied
And thought maybe she was going insane
But then her nightmare became a harsh reality
And she realized her downfall
The people had lost their morality
As she dreamt the dream that changed it all

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