Spring Break Mistake

September 1, 2007
By Amy Collett, Cheektowaga, NY

I want to tell you something it's been hidden for so long. I think you will then be happy, but I am usually wrong. The emotions are bringing me down and making me physically ill; I'm sorry for the pain I've caused The guilt is enough to kill. I want to say I'm sorry, from the deepest of my heart. Yes I love him very much but I should have said no from the start. Now you look down at me and I've lost all your trust My punishment is fair for sure and regaining your trust is a must. I miss mu moms cute smile and my dad's cadence singing; I'm sorry that I caused all this my head's pounding, ears are ringing. I didn't mean to hurt you, Or to go behind your back. Your disappointment is me kills, and the pressure makes me crack. So I'm here to ask forgiveness! From the bottom of my heart. Not just me but for him too; in hopes to have a fresh start.

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