These Stairs

September 1, 2007
By Christine Weimer, Howard Beach, NY

These stairs are too steep, too tall, too long I want to tell myself I can walk them, IÕm strong But IÕm not, no sir, weak is what IÕve been I try to lighten the situation, try to make myself grin But I canÕt because I know I have to take another climb CanÕt stay where I am, itÕll only be another crime Each time I strain to move an inch forward I feel my spirit pull my soul backward Too hard,Ó I think as I stand there alone But I canÕt stop here, with every ache in each bone Gotta climb, gotta stretch, gotta move, gotta try But I feel if I move I may just die The steps before these hurt so badly to walk And now IÕm so scarred, it hurts even to talk I need something to remind me of why I must do this Because everyoneÕs lied to me with their persuading bliss IÕll do it for me,Ó I say out loud But either way my life will be filled with this cloud The one that hovers over me and shows me IÕm helpless Shows me IÕll be walking on nails and my feel will stay bareless Cause each step ahead is broken, its true But I have to grin and bare it; IÕve nothing else to do Maybe after the strain from climbing, the steps will get smaller And maybe soon enough IÕll be able to stand taller Because even though these stairs are too steep, too tall, too long IÕve got to tell myself I can walk them; I know I am strong.

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