June 26, 2010
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Same thing over and over
Loving you, red lipstick,
low cut shirts, Androgyny

I'm going to throw up...
The ring's slipping off my finger
I have better(more important) things I should be doing
I don't know what I want to do

I'm a lil depressed today.
I miss my mom.
Spilling beans
I hope things get better...

I know what I should do.
I need to grow up.
I'm an adult.

My favorite song is playing
in the background
of my melt down.
I still have hope.

I want to share my thoughts...
Boiling water
Maybe someone can help me if I do...

Go ahead and cry, I tell myself...
Maybe I'll gather some strength.
Fool them all.
No one can help me.

Time to grow up.
Writing is the only way I can help myself survive.
I may fail my endeavors but i'll stay alive...
if you can call this living.

You don't know me.
You all don't know...
I'm a smear on this paper,
the paper life is painted on.

I'm an insignificant smear,
but at least
without me
it wouldn't be such a beautiful scenery.

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