The days get darker

September 1, 2007
The days get darker, the hours pass by. And all I can do is sit down and cry. You were my one only, or so I thought. But that changed in the snap of a finger. Do you remember all the things we went through together, And miss them one by one? I remember the scent of the sweetest cologne, but realize that you're gone. When I walked away the day you passed, my heart was full of pain, but then I decided you wouldn't want me to feel this way. You would want me to remember the good times not the bad, but all I can see is the cop who was the reason you died that night. I hope you found it to Heaven's pearly gates. I hope you're standing with Jesus. And I hope you never forget the way it was when we first met. I'll sing our song of sweet surrender in the moonlight shining bright. And remember the voice I fell in love with when you said goodnight.

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