I cant see the stars anymore

September 1, 2007
I canÕt see the stars anymore The sun wonÕt seem to shine. My memories are fading fast. And my eyes are going blind. The sweetness of chocolate Is bitter to me. And the beauty of colors is gone. I canÕt hear the flutter of butterflyÕs wings. And I canÕt feel the beat of my heart. My body seems to be going numb. The air it feels so thick. The voices going through my head Making me want to get sick. I try to breath and feel alive But my body is breaking down. I close my eyes and try to think But I still fall to the ground. Faster and faster my memories gone And my mind wonÕt let me breath. So I close my eyes and fade away I guess the sayings true. Ashes to lashes and dust to lust IÕm dying just for you.

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