June 26, 2010
By keisha keys BRONZE, Glen Burnie, Maryland
keisha keys BRONZE, Glen Burnie, Maryland
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Live everyday like its your last you never know when it actaully mite be stop waisting so much time being unhappy life is for the living not the moppy so just be the best you can be nobodys perfect so dont try to be just live everyday to the fullest because lifes to precious to waiste.laugh laugh 50 times a day till its so funny that your on the floor crying laugh even when theres no reason to be happy or smile laugh when you just found out your boyfriends cheating on you laugh when theres some girl tryna mess with you laugh in your darkest of days laugh till somebodys says why are you laughing just keep laughing and say why not because you never know when your smile could brighten someones elses is a very hard thing to do you want to because your afraid somebody mite hurt you but just because one person did it doesnt mean everybody will im not saying its easy love takes courage but everybody has that speacial somebody out there you may not think you will find them but i know you will you just got to let it happen and stop tryin so hard because love may seem fake but believe me its real so just live longer laugh louder and love stronger ? ? ?.

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