Fathers Day Metaphor & Simile

September 1, 2007
You are the adventurous forests of snowy Alaska. You are the friendly spring time always there after winter. You are a helpful atlas, forever ready to lead the way. A fun filled theme park waiting to welcome us through the gates. You are the patience of the beaches, with their waves rolling in and out. As easy as the gold coast, As fun filled as the characters of Walt Disney, always there to entertain. You are the strong Eiffel tower in the heart of Paris the highlight of all the tours. You are the coliseum of Rome, with all the wisdom of a thousand years. You are the colorful vibrant rainbow after every storm. Happy Fathers Day.

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jazzywazzy said...
Apr. 13, 2009 at 3:08 pm
I luv things that u all write about father poems some make me cry and some make me laugh the reason why they make me cry is because when i get to tlk to my dad and i hear his voice it just want to make me cry that is why i am telling you all good job on what u all have done and i wish i could do it to..
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