I Am a Bird

September 1, 2007
By Karlee Platt, Cedar Hills, UT

I am a bird. I fly high where the music takes me. I fly free in a world of love & hate. I sit in my nest; my comfort zone. I sit, watching the world from afar. Watching & wishing war would subside, And peace take its place. I fly to a place where only in my dreamsÉ ÉIn my dreams, a world of happiness, A world where love could be enough. As a bird, I continue to grow, Unsure of where my wings will take me, But confident I can make a difference in this world so troubled and forlorn. When IÕm old, when IÕm wise, my wings are fully grownÉ I will make a difference. I will help the birds with a tear in their wing, A damper on their spirits, Or a nest thatÕs been broken by the strong winds of the Earth. But now as I am still growing, IÕll stay in my nest, And when possible, fly to the far end of my branch, And as I work harder, and as I grow, I will get to the very reaches of the tree in which I nest. And while IÕm still young, and while IÕm still small, I will love my fellow birds, And help them in their journey to the sky I will someday reach. For the sky is the limit, and I am a bird.

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on Feb. 25 2013 at 9:55 am
i dont like this poem actually i love it...........all i thought about my dreams is being in this poem............with good wishes...........plzzz continue writing  these poems...........


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