The thunder roars in her mind

September 1, 2007
By Sarah Greer, Nixa, MO

The thunder roars in her mind and the lighting strikes her heart. One day it is great and the next is unbearable. She loves him so much and tries to keep him.
She will compliment him telling him how wonderful he is and he says...ok. He knows her last relationship was hell.....yet he is repeating the same steps from her ex. She knows in her heart she loves him but she knows...this cant keep happening. Days go by same thing happening...cussing, being mad, and ignoring her. She answers her phone acting like everything is okay....even tho its not. She puts on this little show for him... being nice and calm.. even tho there is hurt inside. He takes her phone...then yells at her He breaks up with her....then regrets it They get back together....the same stuff happening once again. She wants so bad for them to be perfect but she knows its.....impossible. When he is nice days are great but when they are bad....its hell Her dad says dump him he is not.............worth it He says she needs to move on.....but she loves him She is caught in a confused Her thoughts are kept to herself.....building up Nothing is said from her....ever Its keeps going on until the day....she says its over.

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