Its all about you....

September 1, 2007
By Sarah Greer, Nixa, MO

My heart breaks instantly when I see your face You burned a hole in me so deep it hurts when I look at someone else I try and run from you but you catch up I love you with all my heart but I know I cant go on You mean everything to me but I just cant win I cry in the middle of the night wishing you were here I even cut myself hoping to take away the pain I try to drink and smoke to get my problems to go away Memories are stuck in my head turning round and round Its almost like you were here and then vanished I keep wondering what is going on in my life I listen to music that brings me down Your face is sad but on the inside you donÕt care No matter how much I miss you, your never going to be here So I say, im sorry and tomorrow im not here.

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