I have never met anyone like you

September 1, 2007
By Sarah Greer, Nixa, MO

I have never met anyone like you I wake up in the morning and your face comes to my mind Its almost like the entire world goes suddenly blind I sit in class thinking about you Trusting you was hard for me but it is what I try to do You accept me for me and donÕt expect me to change When we are not even together its almost like we are still in range You showed me you loved me and that you really cared Yet I just sat there in a blank stare I did#‘t know it was possible to find that right guy Until you came and I finally said this thing between you and I is no lie Even though we argue and fight Loving you feels so right I didnÕt think it was possible to love again Then a thing called me and you stared to begin I have never met anyone like you.

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