Id hate to say

September 1, 2007
IÕd hate to say it had to be this way I canÕt lie thereÕs nothing I can say We canÕt ask for life to change its path Or to make lifeÕs grip of loneliness less of a wrath I canÕt say IÕve never been so low That I wish I could simply leave without a trace and go Is it possible life is moving too fast for me? And I am feeling so lost and I have no where to be Why must I always be so scared, nervous and sad? Just to push myself lower, with people telling my life isnÕt half bad I am always inadvertently being told to behave As I feel myself digging deeper into my grave IÕm holding on to a rope that has always been broken And now IÕll give my heart away as a token As a gift to someone who could have better use And not hold on to my emotions so loose I think IÕm running so far, but itÕs just the back round moving Every time I try too hard I end up losing But here is no fairy tale, no crystal ball ItÕs just my complaint about how my life is so small Who have I influenced, who have I taught? Or is happiness really only something that can be bought Im pushing myself to think if I could rewind I could But for you, I donÕt know if im in love, im a bit misunderstood See IÕd try forever and a day for you IÕd just wish thereÕs something you knew That I may be an imperfection of what you need I am not a clone of a lovely girl indeed But I have a heart that can be molded I will write you 365 letters to be folded Everyday if thatÕs what it takes Until my heart breaks I might be far fetched and to myself I could be lying But IÕd rather have it be this than end up crying So take from this what you will and donÕt forget Life isnÕt written, youÕve seen nothing yet

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