Death Never Seemed So Inviting

July 16, 2010
By Jacquelyn Kress BRONZE, Athol, Idaho
Jacquelyn Kress BRONZE, Athol, Idaho
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The sun warms me up
Playing its golden rays upon my fingertips
Like sweet music
Fields of green that were once so vibrant turned into the ocean
Crashing, and stirring like when the sky meets the stars
I sit and bask in the sounds of the world lulling me to a slumber
I can sense everything the light, the dark, the sun and the moon
There all mine my precious existence will live on through them
The light will hold me in a sweet embrace
Enveloping me in time, and space

Keeping me safe, knowing my place is with it now
I’ll go with a smile on my face and say hello to life again

The author's comments:
My thoughts were how life would be from natures point of view, how it affects me, if i were to die. it sounds confusing but makes sense in my head.

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