A View Through Blue Eyes

July 16, 2010
By Emily1244772 SILVER, Tullahoma, Tennessee
Emily1244772 SILVER, Tullahoma, Tennessee
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"Writing isnt just a hobbie. It's a whole other world that only YOU can change. YOU make it what YOU want to and no one can change it but YOU."

She is 13 years of age,
Has blue eyes and brown hair,
This is the obvious, what people see.
No one understands her standards,
What she is and who she wants to be.

She is the opposite of this world,
Kind and beautiful,
Strong and loving.
She looks at this world as a cry for help,
Knowing she’s here for a reason,
On a mission, for change, she’s crying for it.

She watches this world around her,
Surprised by what she views.
Pain, it stabs her in the heart,
And lack of respect it gives the clues.
Clues as in what this world is made of,
What it is and how it’s not pure.

She knows right from wrong,
What is true and what is a lie.
She stands up for the truth,
And walks away from the sin.

She cares for those who abandon,
And helps those who are lost,
Telling the Gospel of Jesus,
In the best way for it to come across.

Guys, they like her,
Because she’s different in her heart.
Her friends, they don’t understand her,
Why she likes to be so set apart.

Modestly, she dresses in this way,
Giving the guys something to say,
Always to her face, and not to any other place.
Her friends, they do the opposite,
Fighting and cussing is their lives,
Oh she wishes that it was Jesus that they wanted.

She doesn’t follow her friends,
Though it may look like fun.
She knows that all those friends,
No they won’t be the ones dancing in the sun.

Some she has to let go,
Let them go their own way,
But others, she influences closely,
No matter what they do or say.

Secrets, lies, and fakes,
She could not see through any of these,
Without her Lord Jesus Christ,
To guide her every step of the way,
And making her see through those crystal clear blue eyes.

This girl, she looks back at me with a tear in her eye,
She lifts up a hand as so do I.
I am naming myself as I speak.
No, not boasting or saying, “Look at me.”

Clearly, I am just stating,
What people say to me and what they see.
Some I see fine, through my Mama’s big blue eyes.

This girl, she is nowhere near perfect ,
Though strangers beg to differ,
She knows this in her mind and heart,
Now she prays for a change in this bitter life,
So painful, torturous, and don’t forget so wildly bitter.

The author's comments:
I get commented all the time about how great is to be different and not like everybody else. They say they're so proud of me and i'm told i have my mom's eyes, and that i'm alot like my mom: different. I'm not boasting or anything. This is just what people say to me and how i feel about alotta stuff(: enjoy!

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