You're infuriated, you are out of control.

September 1, 2007
By David Gaillardetz, Ottawa Hills, OH

You're infuriated, you are out of control. Their hateful words burn in your soul. You tried to ignore them, you tried not to give in. But the unbearable spite made your patience run thin. You couldn't keep your composure, you thought of the hate. Your desire to lash out was much to great. Their very existence should be a sin, Satan himself could very well be their twin. And here you are now, overcome with rage. No longer in control, anger is your cage. It keeps out the good, keeps out what's real. All that exists for you is the pain that you feel. You can't release your anger, it's trapped as well. Lack of equanimity created your very own Hell. You call for help knowing that help will never arrive. Your soul withers away while your hate stays alive.

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