September 1, 2007
By Clint Raley, Yellville, AR

Love so unconditional, love so very fine, Love that is everlasting, love that is never blind. I wish you had this love for me, The love that I have for you. A love that everyone in the world can see, But not appreciated, no matter what I do. I hear you voice when you yell at me. It hurts down deep inside, But not the voice that hurts as much, Rather the words I wish you would hide. Your beauty has taken my breath away One too many times. But what have I done to take your breath, What have I done but made you cry. You see my flaws that are all too many. And you tell me what needs to be done. But what of yours that are plenty? Imperfections that have left me completely stunned. So I sit and wait for you my love, And cherish the good memories over the bad. But why when the good thoughts come They don't help my fractured heart, only make me mad. For the feel of your once gentle embrace Does not come with the musings of the mind, But rather a perfect heavenly face. And a quickly fading remembrance of when it was kind.

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