September 1, 2007
By Cera Thompson, Princeton, IL

You can see it Smell it in the air Lurking in the shadows Following you everywhere Stalking your every move Waiting for the right moment to arise When you least expect it The pressure builds inside It's too much and you snap Give in to the shining danger Chaos spreads You can't take it any longer You let your emotions take Complete control Depression and pain get the better of you And you creep towards the temptation The evil that hides in the Dark shadows of your mind You walk towards it It lures you into the dark abyss With a baneful smile Of victory It is the master for the moment You reach for the sharpened danger And you feel the coolness of its Threat on your flesh But stop Images appear in your minds eye The people you love The ones who put a smile on your face And hold you close when tears Roll down your cheeks in anguish You ask your self What would those smiling faces of your Loved ones look like If you went through with it Temptation The threat clatters to the ground It tells you to come back And finsh the job But you don't You turn and say I won't, hurting them and me is worthless, I wont.Ó And you won't Because you walked away You are the master Of yourself.

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