My bones

July 15, 2010
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I cant stand the taste.
The taste that lingers in my mouth.
From my tounge it sinks from my spit glands and into my blood stream and from my blood stream you flow into me and all around me.
I can feel it, through every inch of me.

This taste.
This feeling.

Its creeping through my veins. Youre under my skin and walking on my bones.

This body is now yours, so time for take over.
Take it over, please, because my skin is nothing without your touch and my blood wont run without this fuel.

As my blood and you race along every inch of me, you reach my brain and when you arrive, comfort surrounds my skull, almost as if it were a blanket surrounding my head.

From my brains and into my back, i feel your hands glide from my ribs to my shoulder blades and scratch down my spine.

From my back to my arms, i feel them stretch around you and flex, with muscles getting weak and your touch getting stronger, i get slapped with realization and i then realize that my whole entire world is in my arms, how could i let it go?

What if i have to let it go?

Blood, you, rushing, sinking into my stomache, causing airplanes to crash into the walls of my body and the outline of my lungs, causing earthquakes to crack my surface and show every ounce of emotion or thought going through me.

While you and my blood race into my legs, my knees get weak and disinigrate.

Theres no need for standing when airplanes are lifting you high enough.

While i get lifted by millions of airplanes, flying all at once, i open my eyes to see yours and im blinded by them, fore they are the sun that burns the light in me.

This is it, this is where i want to be. Stay here forever, dont ever set me free because a life with out airplanes or earthquakes or races, is life without you and thats just something i can no longer do.

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