September 1, 2007
I taste salt on my lips, My eyes are bloodshot, And my checks are red. Drip, drop Blood trails down my hands and onto the floor As I stagger to my room. Scars have stained my wrist forever and eternity. I fall to my knees Shaking Weeping Why am I still alone? I cry out loud Pain, And a broken heart. I lay on the cold floor Blurs surround me Around and around The room spins fast My stomach flips over and over But I havenÕt moved. Darkness creeps closer. My vision grows dim and my eyes grow heavy. Blackness. A faint memoryÉ. My name being called? I open my eyes The lights blinding Do I sill exist on Earth? ThereÕs a fuzzy blurr.. A face? ! ItÕs my love. Why does he stand here before me? He forced me away, so why come back? Maybe itÕs a dream. IÕm still on my bathroom floor Blood surrounding me, turning my hair redÉ. WaitÉ thereÕs a tear? This isnÕt a dream HeÕs really there. Sweetheart why? He questions me Confusion on his face, tears in his eyes. My heart starts to flutter Like a butterfly trying to escape itÕs captor. YouÉ. You left meÉ My head is starting to spin Pain is erupting The bright light is growing dim No Love. You tried to leave me. Memories Flash before me A Fight Mom and dad Hateful words Pain Regret Dark wishes And a broken lamp. Tears flow freely from my eyes Oh my love they hate me. They told me to disappear forever. What did I do? Shaking and sobbing you donÕt let go. You hold me tight and let me cry. You donÕt hate me to? No Love. You donÕt have to live for them anymore, But pleaseÉ. Your eyes are bloodshot YouÕre crying to. U cry for me? I see the sadness and pain I have caused u, But there is still so much loveÉ ThereÕs hope to. Your eyes are begging for somethingÉ Please love, Live for me. You kiss me and hold me closer Please live for meÉ I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I still hold onto you but I want to never forget. My love why didnÕt I just remember your smile? Why did I choose to ignore your love and want for me? Why did I want to listen to my parents more Than stay here forever with you? Yes Love. I will live for you. I Promise. Victoria Ricketts

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