My beautiful girl

July 15, 2010
By Seanasea BRONZE, Windsor, Other
Seanasea BRONZE, Windsor, Other
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"The show must go on."

She stood there, across from me.

Unable to look into my eyes, she stood there.
With her hands in the pockets of her jeans, her shoulder and head leaning against the wall, and gravity trying to suck the tears she was trying to hold back, her head was down but up enough for me to see what was going through her mind.

She stood there and she was beautiful.

Her face was full of worry, confusion, anger and she was upset.
Her hands were in her pockets because she was shaking, she was nervous.

My words were realization, the kind that screams at you.

She stood there and i stood across from her, looking at her, unable to take my eyes off of her.

While i was full of regret, she was lost in her own train of thought.
Someone had to make her think though.

Silence filled the air for longer then i realized at the time.
She looked up but quickly away, avoiding my eyes that were visibly begging for hers, and in that instant her tears played tag along her cheeks, dripping aimlessly down to the floor, giving into gravity.

But she was beautiful.

Biting her lip out of shame for crying, she looked back down and in that instant, defeat took over her every inch.

I stood there, my eyes still begging for hers, and I couldnt move.

She was beautiful and I was numb.

To check if I was alive, i took a step towards her, being drawn in by her beauty, then i took a few more, until i found myself quickly wrap my arms around her.
She went to turn away cause she didnt find herself deserving of this, but i held her, deserving or not.
I held her because i wasnt going anywhere, anytime soon and i didnt want to let her slip away from me like i did the rest, because She wasnt the rest, she was her and she was absolutley beautiful where she stood.
I didn let her go because, I couldnt, i wouldnt let myself.

Her being there, within my arms, was my realization, the kind thats just a whisper in your ear.

I pulled away and whiped away her tears.

Finally, her eyes met mine.

It was then that we both knew;
I wasnt going anywhere and she was coming nowhere with me.

She was everything.

She was my beautiful girl and she is beautiful where she stands.

The author's comments:
A girl I once knew who is now a stranger.

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