My love

July 15, 2010
I still remember the first day we met; that first day i saw you're beautiful face.
Everything about you had me floating around like I was in space.
Hours began to fly by.
Till I helt your hand and you wondered why?
I helt you so close underneath those flourecent green lights.
That moment had us both achieving new heights.
The night begin to grow old.
And I began to feel so cold.
When you walked away and I felt something I never felt before.
These feelings I wanted to explore.
A week faded away and my girlfriend ended it with me.
And you helped me through it all, so I gave you a key.
That unlocks my heart.
And I began to think you can play the part.
Another week faded and you asked me to chill.
We passed that same spot and stood still.
I threw my arms around you and finally got that moment I've waited for.
That feeling came back like I said before.
We sat on a couch and I was holding you.
You dropped a hint and I gave you a clue.
I mustered up the strength to ask you out.
And our love began to sprout.
Days began to grow short.
As we begin to rely on eachothers support.
We talk about how much we love one another.
This feeling is unlike any other.
Until that day you ended it.
I thought I was about give up and quit.
But that one saturday came along.
And our love began to grow strong.
It led us to the beach with two distance lovers.
Finally the feeling recovers.
Holding you by the water with the waves crashing.
It has both of our hearts smashing.
The day begins to turn to dawn.
And all of our feelings are out there almost like they were drawn.
Now we hold eachother like we first met.
This moment we will soon never forget.
I hide my face from you as tears run down.
And you wonder why I began to frown.
I say "theres so many things I'd like to say to you I just don't know how".
You stand there and your in a state of wow.
Tears fall down your face too.
And those sparks flew.
The booming music in the backround made it unlike anything.
I finally have my queen and I began to feel like a king.
Though we're lacking the club,diamond,heart or spade.
This moment I would never trade.
My love for you is endless just like the sands of time.
I'm finally speachless like a mime.
I still remember that first day we met and now look at what we are.
My wishes finally came true upon that one star.

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J.A.M. said...
Sept. 15, 2010 at 10:51 am
I really like what your discribing in this poem. I can tell you put some heart into this, but like i said in my other response, I'm not a big fan of rhyming because I think it takes away what you really want to say because your worrying about it rhyming. If you just write...without trying to get everything to rhyme...I think itll make your writing much more meaningful and will convey  more feeling across to the reader. This one is really cute though and good job. :)
frankiefall3n replied...
Sept. 15, 2010 at 6:20 pm
Thanks, and I get what you mean it's just rhyming is a skill of mine so I tend to take advantage of my skills you know? and yeah I mean sometimes I don't rhyme like in my newest one "Forest" or if you want another one with out rhyming try to find "Home" in the forums it should be somewhere around there
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