July 15, 2010
By Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
Thornedheart GOLD, Manvel, Texas
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What if im not the hero... What if im the bad guy?

L-O-V-E this word I hear
How does it appear
The reason is unknown
But definitely shown
Grasping the meaning
Is a power beyond sight
It's a sort of light
Bringing you up to a standing ovation
And taking over the nation
A pledge with an edge
Commitment that usually does not last
But while gone through is a blast
Glowing faces and unknown places
Adrenaline rushes just from a touch
A brush on the face and enlightenment is the case
Speaking through your eyes
Usually a surprise
Growing and growing even more you learn to adore
Taking each slow step along the way
Reaching a point of the next day
Not realizing how much time has gone by
Your heart begins to cry out for more
Eating away at you like a monster
L-O-V-E is very hypnotic and astonishing
Even if you loose what you value most
You will never be disappointed only anointed
Flaming thoughts arise in mind
Only to come to a clean cut
Most of what goes on the inside never makes it to the out
Depression and tears make it's way to shout
L-O-V-E is the only healing potion
And good way for your emotions
Keep up your spirit and look him in the eye
Don't let him make you cry or lie
Shut your eyes and take a deep breath
Let the flames spark
And hold on tightly in the dark
Draw closer every breath near and make the world disappear
Loose hold of reality and just let yourself go
The adrenaline will start on slow
Then quickly grow
Heart beat speeding up and muscles tightening up
Hair flowing everywhere in the cool, calm air
Smiling and enjoying the moments for what they are
This is how far L-O-V-E will take you up in the bar
Or even in a car
Treasure these four letters while they last
And make sure they are not left in the past

The author's comments:
love just 4 letters can mean a lot of different things

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