The dark tower poems I: the tower and town

July 15, 2010
By Anonymous

The tower and the town

The tower that stands alone in the dark night sky
Looking over miles and miles of air that I can’t fly

Guiding you away from certain doom
For the rocks below would be your tomb

Oh, tower oh, tower, staring straight ahead
Over the land that lays barren and dead

Can you hear the cries of the mothers below
For their children to come back to life but, no

Through darken mist and low lit lights
The town of lost souls appeared on these nights

To be the tomb of those who see
For this town, by the sea

Is caught within a tower’s reach
For this is a place you cannot breach.


Sunken eyes and grey hair
Carrying the weight they cannot bear

Doleful and dreary
And full of weary

Only black shadows of life
The lady without a husband and the husband without a wife

Children in the lane
Catty themselves with pain

Dead and gloomy with years of pain
Now only shadows remain


The tower oh, the tower watching over the dead town
Cries fill the air and fulfill the nightmare’s crown

Standing there, alone in the dark
Hearing all the mother’s cry and dog’s bark

Oh, tower, oh tower, standing in the sky
Watching over the town with your electric eye

Watching the world pass you on day by day
And having no one to talk to or say

Watching and waiting for wars to end
You wait for the rules to end

No peace, no more love
There’s not even a sign of a dove

Oh, tower oh, tower there’s nothing much to say
As you begin to fall today

Oh, tower how you stand alone in the night sky
No watching, now it’s time to fly

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