The Shadow Girl

July 15, 2010
She lay, silent, listening to the crickets and cicadas hum her a lullaby through the open window. As she drifted asleep, dreams danced in her mind, a colorful waltz.

Varying shades of blue, purple and silver cast a cool glow upon two figures, silhouettes, talking among the sand. The boy offered a hand, and the girl took it. With a wave of her free hand, she brought the hypnotizing beach sunrise.

The blue and purple fluttered away, and the silver became gold. The sky glowed pink and orange, as the wonderfully monstrous, blazing circle peeked over the horizon.

A happy melody skipped along the waves as the shadowed lovers rose and strolled.

A third shadow appeared, with a deceiving smile and legs to eternity. The boy bowed, and the woman curtsied. The two were soon gone, alone, in a dirty bed of sand.

The girl stood alone as the once friendly blue and purple returned as a blackened night sky, touched with twinkling stars.

The melody was no longer cheery sharps and naturals, but a melancholy spiral of flats. Despite the dismal surroundings, the faint glow from a lighthouse was her saving grace, smiling at her as it spun.

The girl reached down, dipping her slim fingers in the cold water. Her hand returned holding a tiny, frightened and lonely music note.

The shadow girl took a lesson from her new friend and spun, her arms outstretched, healed from her grief.

As she accepted her new found single life, the note flew from her hand, singing a final goodbye.

She now faced away from the sea, the shadow was lightening, and the sleeping figure could see her face on the confident stature of the shadow girl.

The scene morphed into her bedroom, bright light cascading through the parted curtains. She curled into her floral comforter with a forlorn, yet blissful, sigh, and embraced the beauty of herself; the shadow girl.

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