LoverÕs Embrace

September 1, 2007
By Victoria Ricketts, White Mills, KY

LoverÕs Embrace Broken and shattered, Her heart she holds. She collects all of the pieces But cannot put it back together. It was like a puzzle that all looked the same. She has given up all hope, Redemption she knows she will not find. Love has betrayed her once more. The music her heart must play Once again struck a wrong note And caused her pain. A breeze flows over the earth. The moon so full and bright, Now covered by a dark cloud of misery. Her pitiful cries shake us all to the core, But no one seems to notice, They just walk on by. An invisible sufferer begging to be seen, Tears of blood cover the world when she cries, But they go unnoticed by humanity. The reaper of pain comes to take her away. Resist she tries, but death seems so welcoming In the black rain of melancholy. Then, from the distance, a new soul arrives. Broken and tainted still looking for love, He sees the broken girl. Her beauty unnatural, Her eyes lost in the sea of regret. The Reaper watches, a soul so far lost to be saved. He holds out his hand and tells the invisible girl, Broken and hidden I still see your beauty. Come out of the rain and shine for me.Ó His warming smile makes the clouds break, The black rain disperses into sparkles of light. Unsteadily she steps from the ReaperÕs shadow And into the embrace of a lover. The Reaper leaves her because she is broken no more. Into the arms of a knowing heart she will stay forever. The black rain never to come back into her heart. Salvation had finally come, and forever she will stay In a loverÕs embrace.

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