Drums in the distance

September 1, 2007
Drums in the distance, I feel the ground tremble, As African tribes slowly assemble, Under the orange horizon of today, I praise the gods for letting me lay. In momentary peace while the world moves on, I take a moment to bask in this song. My hips start moving , my body feels the beat , And I waste no time springing to my feet. I move and spin and pound the ground, And allow myself to be drenched in the sound. Of childrenÕs voices joining into the dance, I stop a moment, something catches my glance. A little girl stands in the path of the sun, On the beaten earth, and the drums stop as one. Her lone voice rises to join the gale, Her hair whips around but her eyes so pale. Hold onto mine, with their cool glowing jade, A story so great, holds adventure and shade. Her voice weaves a web into which IÕm lost, Her hand reaches out and together weÕre tossed. Into the golden heat of morning, we form, History to which all great stories are born.

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