September 1, 2007
By Maeve Mallory, Cincinnati, OH

At three, I was a princess With the world at my feet Nothing could touch me I was so beautiful and sweet Everything i could ever need Was in my little castle Now whatever i need or what Comes with such a hassle Time is slicing the past With a huge bloody sword I can't swipe the memories quick Enough for them to be restored I can't see anything Through this cloudy crystal ball So whether the future is bright or not I guess is your call I wanna turn around and run back To my little castle on a hill But it burned down years ago Growing up caused quite a spill I'm in the middle of the road With my feet stuck to the ground With everything i've ever known Going faster and faster without a sound As a princess of all the land I had so much security Which slowly slips away When you're hit with maturity If only I can be a child Once again and roam free Back when time didn't exist And my biggest problem was a bee

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