September 1, 2007
By Maeve Mallory, Cincinnati, OH

A wrinkled corsage in the back of my fridge From a gorgeous boy given last year When for 3 hours, we danced the night away ....Sometimes I still wish he was here A six-year old diary in my closet Talking of my big crush Some days he liked me, some days he didn't ....But he sure could make me blush A piece of paper smeared and torn Saying I was his brave best friend I have no idea where that came from ....Man, I wish that didn't have to end A video of first communion 9 years ago Recieving Christ and sitting next to spiky-haired Ron Mom dubbed him a "nice boy" ....Psh, no idea what she based that upon These remains are all I have Those 4 boys I cared the most about They live now only in my memory And even that is facing a drought I won't go over the details There isn't much to say I infected them with my disease Pretty soon they were on their way Looking on the path behind me No trace of them to be found They ran away to God knows where Why expect to see them around? Meanwhile, I'll keep making the same mistakes And i'll imagine them happy and free Because I am nowhere near them Being stuck with this debris

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