September 1, 2007
By Maeve Mallory, Cincinnati, OH

As a toddler, my daddy videotaped everything i did From finger painting to swinging Running around and falling down Or me in front of my mirror singing Oh, if only I could take that little girl's spirit And put it in this body again Back when happiness meant a big purple dinosaur Fear wasn't an option, back then I was the cutest little thing With curly hair and big smile Dressed up in frilly dresses Or dancing naked down the aisle Between me and my brother, age did not matter We actually spent lots of time together He was my hero and he still is No matter how worse the weather My grandpa Ding Ding was Santa Claus Mee Maw was my best friend No, I never stopped to pause I had my own plastic house Slid down with my neighbors on slides Family and friends were always there To be along on those crazy rides Laughter came easily Love and happiness, too Oh, if only I could be that way Instead of feeling blue

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