Endless Questions

September 1, 2007
By Leah Perry, Wilson, NC

How do I go to sleep at night in this unsafe place? How can I wake up in the morning with hope written on my face? How can I look forward to things when life is so dead? Why does all the hope I feel drain slowly from my head? Why does all the world feel like itÕs passing me by? It never seems to stop Even when I cry How am I supposed to feel in this dreary sphere? How do I cope any time while I am here? How do I lose my all my all and everything? How do I endure the misery life brings? How do I get through these days when violence is all I see? How am I suppose to react to all the melancholy? Why has all the harmony become a broken flow? How am I supposed to know now which is the right way to go? Why does the darkness now seem to comfort me? Why does the light always seem to rebuke me? Why do I love thunder storms instead of the morning sun? How do I live my life when no one pays me attention? Why canÕt I let go and just forget it all? Why do I have to stay here and suffer until I crawl? Why canÕt I stay forever warm in my bed? Why are all these thoughts swirling around in my head?

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