Behind the Mask

September 1, 2007
By ashley daniels, Sherwood, OR

Don't ask me how it happened Don't ask me when I knew I just know that it did... I fell for you It started with you and me we hated each other from the start Fights and arguments galore and for me it grew to more but you just stayed the same The you started growing apart and I kept falling Then fighting stopped The insults ended you stopped noticing I wasn't worth your time The days go by watching me fall and still you never notice If you would looked at me just once you'd see the pain behind the mask I always try to keep I know you'll never feel the same though that doesn't stop the hurt All my friends can see the truth the pain I feel inside before I'd even known myself I'm in love with you Even though I know you won't that doesn't stop the dreams Dreams of ways that we could be If you'd just notice me So even though don't There's still hope inside me that one day when you look at me you'll finally see the girl behind the mask

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