The Last Crescent Moon

September 1, 2007
By Alicia McCullough, Aurora, CO

Wish before you left on your journey, you said to always look up at the stars, as children we were told to always wish on the phase of the moon. on everynight of each new phase, I wish and dream to see you again, each dream I dream of you. in the day I never forget my dreams, all my wishing not yet forgotten, always looking at a picture of you, looking out my window in sadness, but when the night arrives... I stand on the eadge of my balcony, with my arms streched out halfway, remebering how you would do the same, your hands over mine, and your chin on my shoulder, watching the stars, wishing and wishing until... until I became ill, my dreams of you come no more, now on the new phases I wish to die. more and more ill I become, letters come of your return, but where are you? now I feel like my wishes will never come true, and each day I feel more more ill, every moment that is spent more ill feel, on this day of a crescent moon, a letter comes again that you were home, but when you came... tears rolled down your face, running to my bedside with tears. your tears felt so warm on my cheeks, running your and held my hand tightly and whispered- "you'll make it, you have to, I mean I can't live without you." with just a smile all I could say, "I'm just so glad I could see you for the last time." closing my eyes and not opening then never more. tears poring from your eyes, and whispering so softly- "please wake up, pleas."

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