The Tempest Less

September 1, 2007
The Tempest Less, minimal of size: A ship surfacing out to sea. A tempest gusted into the paths, Paying the sailors a violent fee. She blistered into the sails, And struck hard with clenched fists. A tumbling rain fell upon them, On came a thrashing wind of mists. Intensity overcame the crew, As she thundered with such might. Frantically, the men scurried along, Screaming in trembling fright. Black clouds over-casted the sky, All light was vanished from aim. Why did the mother of nature, Begin such a dreadful game. Masts fell clumsily, Colliding with the remaining men. Hailing winds tumbling the vessel, Lightening hit angrily, once again. Bellowing out a loud roar, Thunder echoed through their ears. Shards of sleet quickly fell, As did the storm of tears.

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