Cursive Doesn't Work for Me

September 1, 2007
Cursive doesnÕt work for me, ItÕs simply just too slow. All the loops and dots and such, TheyÕre holding me back, you know. All day long I sit and write, And cursive, ugh! ItÕs you! I try so hard but itÕs just slow! ThereÕs nothing I can do! Printing is pretty and neat and straight, And quick as you can be. I wrote this poem in five minutes flat. PrintingÕs the trick, you see. So I guess IÕll just have to learn cursive, Though IÕm not fond of the thought. Cursive, you spoiled, loopy writing! ItÕs printing I like quite a lot. Well, weÕre old friends now dear cursive, Though I wish to enemies with you. Cursive, youÕre crazy and lazy and weird, But somehow, IÕll make it through.

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