Once you were the onlooker

September 1, 2007
By Katarina Kapetanakis, MIramar, FL

Once you just observed standing back just seeing, but wishing you were with all your being. You saw them walk together in a way you never could. Loathing, wishing, wanting, needing, hoping that you would. So close you could out and touch her. Holding back afraid to love her. Sighing, breathing, lusting, wanting. Craving, crying, needing, daunting. Pity is all she gives but you want more. Feeling things you never could before.... Once you stood by innocent but had to get involved. Thinking that your answers left your problems resolved. You slipped, you tripped sheÕs gone never to come back youÕre all alone. think back now to your innocence. Think, remember weep for forgiveness. For once you were the onlooker...

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