September 1, 2007
By cydney emery, Park City, UT

I step out side, Into the pouring rain. I feel the sun leaving, And the clouds coming. The rain begins to get inside me, This rain has life. I feel myself loose, I let it hit my body. Inch by inch, The rain feels my body, I forget all my worries, and let it take me away. IÕm floating high in the sky, Higher than any bird or airplane has ever been. I finally feel free, Like I have been longing to be. I put my head back, And let the rain hit my face. It feels as if soft hands are stroking your worries away, I donÕt want this feeling to leave. I see the dark drops going wild, And eating at every thing I can see. Miles and miles away, you feel the same rain. The sun comes, and we walk back inside, We smile, and know that we will find this feeling again, In the rain.

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