A Love Unrelenting

September 1, 2007
Laying here on the ground , I look up into the sky, Hoping life will always stay like this, That things will always feel this right. I look on resting in contentment, Thanking God for this family that IÕve found, Wondering how IÕve lived this long without them, And where IÕd be without them around. I watch the clouds passing before the stars, I canÕt believe the things IÕve learnt, My heart has melted, now I can love, I donÕt always feel just hurt. I stand independent, but lean on my support, I have a love that can not subside, He holds my heart in his precious hands, And I hope he will always stand by my side. My life changed in just a few moments, The path I chose almost killed my heart, But I donÕt regret a second because I achieved, A chance to have this new start.
Sometimes I look in the mirror, And donÕt recognize the girl that I see, ItÕs strange to see a smile on her face, I think God finally answered her pleas. I donÕt know why I deserved this, ItÕs not like IÕve done much in my life right, But I guess someone saw that I needed help, And was about to give up the fight. So I lay here thinking of those I care for, I doubt they can imagine just how I feel, How much they helped me stand where I stand today, How the made four little letters strike real. (L-O-V-E)

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