Anger Lying

September 1, 2007
By Danelle Tylinski, Marathon, WI

Anger Lying here in my bed listening to songs i play in my head thinking of nothing, yet everything at once things start to surface, feelings I've suppressed anger over what you've done anger for my stupidness, anger over everything and nothing How you ripped me up inside tore my life out, and left me lay there still breathing but vomiting up my hate for you not understanding why you did what you did Crying inside with no one to talk to, sucked more life out of me, broke my heart farther not being able to comprehend why i didn't realize it how i couldn't save myself from certain death Now with my heart blackened, i try to sleep, tears of hate turing to tears of despair head throbbing with thoughts, pondering over my screwed up life Some of you listen but don't understand My anger for you is great, but sympathy more i will not stoop to your level no one understands, no one ever will so instead i lay here dried tears streak my face, soaking like blood into my pillow my anger swallowing me up my eyes close my breathing returns, but tomorrow it will happen again

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