The Perilous Nite

September 1, 2007
I can't sleep. Dragons as big as palaces are chasing me, but as soonas i run i see a wizard blocking my way, from my sides teenage super-spies are surrounding me. I can't go anywhere. Adrenaline rushing faster and faster, instincts kicking into high gear, all thoughts and emotions leave my mind for the battle. I've got nothing to lose. Except my life. Adrenaline and energy, surging through my blood. Nothing in my mind, but pure instincts. My body, my mind, my nerves, everything screaming one thing. Survive. No more time to waste, I have to act now. No good way to go, guess I'll have to wing it, just follow my instincts, sprinting to my right i face the smaller spy. Here I go. "Time for bed!" "But I can't sleep!" "Now!" Ever so reluctantly I close the cover of my adventure, to be opened another sleepless night.

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