Ever wonder what it feels like

September 1, 2007
Ever wonder what it feels like... to have ur heart ripped in half? To feel broken? Like you can never again laugh? Trust me... You really don't wanna know. It hurts more than u can imagine. It's not all just for show. You feel this pain... deep in your chest. Almost like a heart attack. Like you've been laid down to rest. Then come the tears. They fall from your eyes. Nothing can stop them. You shouldn't even try. Then comes the healing... Junk food galore. You eat some Ben and Jerry's... Till it becomes a chore... Then comes the partying. Getting back in the game. You talk to random people. Don't even try to remember their names. You may try to numb the pain. With alcohol and such. But nothing really helps. Nothing can be that crutch. Sometimes you reallyÉ Just need to try to move on. It's harder than it sounds. But worth it in the dawn. You never really learnÉ How to stop the heartbreak. It's just something that's natural. Something that just aches. I'm speaking from experience, As you can probably guess. The heartbreak is worth it. And so is all the stress. To feel that speck of love, Even if ur heart gets broken, Is something that is so special. It's something that's a token. A token of lifeÉ And what it's all about. Something that's so amazingÉ Something to not doubt.

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