Transformation of a soul

July 14, 2010
By smart_blonde GOLD, Reno, Nevada
smart_blonde GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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She was a forsaken island
She was a blindly wandering soul
She was a flower wilting in the sun
She was a long shot in the race

She saw an empty future
She saw a drowned past
She saw the beast hungry for her soul
She saw the chance to live again

She heard the voices floating out of the steeple
She heard the call of the ever present sin
She heard a spark crying out in longing
She heard the past and present collide

She knew a metamorphosis was here
She knew time had played its cards
She knew she must surrender
She knew she must accept

She became a newborn body
She became shining pearl
She became a lighthouse beacon
She became a half-full glass

She is a gift to the needy
She is no longer a stranger in a new land
She is the daughter of the creator
She is a new opportunity to transform

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