The Teacher

September 1, 2007
By Autumn Buck, Yuba City, CA

There is something left for me hereÉÓ She threw her cigarette on the ground, Voice slow, shaking slightly as she found A new flow of courage away from fearÉ There was nothing left for her hereÉ Her cold eyes wandered over the waves, Seeing her sisterÕs face once more, She tried to block the past, the happy times before, As she turned toward the rocky caves. I couldnÕt be the superhero. I couldnÕt make all the savesÉÓ She wanted her bitterness to leave, But she wouldnÕt let it goÉ. She wished her sister could know That she was starting to believeÉ Suicide was something that she could conceiveÉ She reached the top, while watching the moon arise. Pale-faced, readied for what she thought was right. She couldnÕt stop. It had to happen tonight. She couldnÕt deal with a sin this sizeÉ Her sister dying before her eyesÉ One step closer to the huge cliffÕs end, She heard her sisterÕs voice. DonÕt, my sister. This isnÕt your only choiceÉÓ She froze, feeling her confidence bend. She realized this wasnÕt the end. She walked slowly down the beach, Her eyes were filling with tears, She thought back over the yearsÉ I love you, Sis. IÕll always be there to teach!Ó She lied, left her abandoned, with nothing left to beseechÉ She died a week after that day, In front of her ‘TeacherÕsÕ eyes. There was no one she could despise More than herself for her sin of greatest size. There was no more love in her eyesÉ

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