"My Lucky Number is Seven"

September 1, 2007
By adriana perez, Fertile, MN

The blues of my life started when I first picked up that knife That day, that moment, when I first got the courage is when my song first started. Seven cuts lay upon my wrists. Seven cuts that all have a story or a scene. Seven cuts turned to scars left forever to be seen. The first scar for a brutal stepdad the second for everything that she said when she was mad the third scar for a lost father who doesn't care the fourth for stupid jealously that a distant sister didn't even know she caused the fifth for all the so-called friends who only backstabbed or lied the sixth for all the guys who thought it a game to try and break my heart and the seventh scar that ones the worst the seventh scar is what changed my life it is the deepest and longest yet, and my last the seventh scar was for life itself and how it dragged up to be it was for everything that has been said and done, for every tragic memory and 'till this day the scars are still there doing nothing but bringing back terrible memories when I look at them i still remember when it first happened I see the blood trickling down my arm as I felt relived but now they just lay there what used to be a pain reliver to look at is now just horrible reminders of the past that I do not need so from this day until the day I die these scars will always be there upon my wrists to bring back painful memories and just that one second of bliss.

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