Nostalgically Yours,

June 29, 2010
By TyBerkeley BRONZE, Pleasant Hill, California
TyBerkeley BRONZE, Pleasant Hill, California
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"The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream." - Harry Kemp

And so it begins,
this honest, unforgiving look at reality
a story of unrequited love--the night you awakened my vitality
Looking back now, I smile; your memory still gives my head the spins.

Your gentle gait, that intoxicating smile,
you shackled my ability to think, put my heart on trial
My shy eyes met with yours for but a second,
but rest assured--within, for you my voice beckoned.

I pined to drown in those piercing azure blue eyes
to profess every concealed emotion and desire, to abandon my passive guise
Sitting beside you, finally, and not a moment too soon
my body grew limp--within, harboring a monstrous typhoon.

With a couple cordial words, I flew atop the world
as if I was fulfilling a dream, nothing could be more perfect--
a liberating euphoria kept my mind guessing, and spirit unfurled
I'll never forget my first time graced by an angel, a divine gift I suspect.

We've conversed once or twice since then; each time my hope grows
but I realize you have other interests, your future to orchestrate it seems
And so it ends, a boyhood crush on a girl present only in my dreams
Moving on is my most difficult task, when I still see your face in every morning rose.

The author's comments:
about a crush that never got off the ground.

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